Protecting nutrients

Silage additives

High performance at a reasonable cost is only possible if the silage is of highest quality. The decisive factor here is not just the silage's NEL content but also the quality of further nutrients (carotenoids, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates). Palatability, digestibility and storage stability are equally important.

When selecting the strains of lactic acid bacteria for an additive, the main focus must be on their efficiency and predominance over naturally occurring microorganisms. The less sugar expended on the transformation of fermentation acids, the more will remain in the silage. A new-generation strain of bacteria has the unique ability to reduce oxygen, which in turn inhibits the development of yeast and mould, thus improving the silage’s storage stability after opening.


When using silage additives it is crucial to disperse the solution as accurately and evenly as possible onto the crop. Our vario product line provides innovative and low-priced solutions that meet your requirements – regardless of the type of machinery you use (chopper, forage wagon or baler).