next level garn

baler twine – length of runnage guaranteed, optimization in small steps

At a glance

  • length of runnage guaranteed
  • optimization in small steps – risk free
  • saves material and time
  • enables you to use several twine thicknesses on the same bale
  • unique colour coding for each runnage – reduces risk of a mix-up
  • right of return in case of technical malfunction

Reach the next level!
The new way of thinking baler twine.

Your advantages

next level garn: length of runnage guaranteed
  • gain some extra runnage as ...

    ... we guarantee the real runnage and also offer you a system of small intervals between sizes to help you optimize your twine consumption.
    Real runnage means: e. g., if you order a 130 baler twine, you will receive actual 130 meter per kilo. This gives you an advantage of approx. 12 - 17 % over other commercially available baler twines. Check it out by weighing samples of different twines!
    Our optimization system offers small intervals between sizes, thus gaining another 10 m per kg per step – at the same price per kg, of course.

  • saves time

    Switching to a longer twine does not only save material but also time as the reels have to be changed less often.

Step by Step

Does the inner twine have to be as tearproof as the outer one? Have you ever thought about using different twines on one bale? That’s one of the advantages of next level.

It is impossible to mix up the twines. next level twines indicate each step in runnage by a different colour – e. g. use orange on the inside and white on the outside – or vice versa.

Just choose next level's next interval for the inner twines and gain more length per kilo. Our assortment’s small intervals between sizes enable you to try how far you can go without risk.

Optimize your twine consumption

Make the most of your machinery!

Each machine has different requirements. Our twine assortment's small intervals enable you to choose the right size for your baler – without taking any risks. Check out the different sizes and optimize your twine consumption. If your baler doesn't work with a certain size, we will take the goods back.

Thus, you can find the optimum twine for your baler without risk!

Find the optimum combination between real runnage and stability in baler twine!

Small intervals – big advantage

EXTRA STRONG (guaranteed minimums)

runnagetensile strength of twineinside the knot
100 m/kg 4.550 N 2.450 N
110 m/kg 4.100 N 2.250 N
120 m/kg 3.550 N 2.050 N

STRONG (guaranteed minimums)

runnagetensile strength of twineinside the knot
130 m/kg 3.300 N 1.900 N
140 m/kg 3.000 N 1.750 N

ECO (guaranteed minimums)

runnagetensile strength of twineinside the knot
150 m/kg 2.650 N 1.650 N
160 m/kg 2.500 N 1.550 N

in accordance with ISO 4167

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