mymom® milchmix

probiotic milk supplement for calves

At a glance

  • contains highly effective probiotics
  • supplies the calf with vitamins and micronutrients thus providing an optimum suppliment to whole milk
  • extremely palatable
  • supports the calf’s development
  • strengthens the immune system

Product description

mymom® milchmix is based on whey powder and grape sugar. It contains vital probiotics that have digestive effects and support the development of the immune system. In addition. mymom® milchmix contains lots of crucial vitamins and micronutrients. The levels of vitamins and trace elements in dairy milk varies. Therefore, it is important to suppliment the whole milk in order to boost the calves’ optimum development.


  • highly effective probiotics
  • essential vitamins
  • excellent micronutrient supply
  • whey powder
  • dextrose
New addition: Essential oils!
  • for healthy respiratory tracts
  • stimulate the digestion


  • first administration after first milking
  • use 15 g per litre of milk

Storage / shelf life

  • shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in a cool and dry place
  • ensure bucket is securely closed


10 kg bucket

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