mymom® 50/50

milk replacer as a supplement to whole milk

As milk varies in its composition …

  • carefully manufacturered whey powder – special drying and spray cooling processes of the raw materials preserve immunoglobulin
  • excellent solubility
  • high acceptance

Product description

mymom® 50/50 – milk replacer
Milk components – especially protein – are essential for calves, regardless of whether they are fed whole milk or milk replacer. However, whole milk is not always optimal in its composition. On the one hand, it varies a lot, on the other hand it lacks important components or the amount is insufficient.

mymom® 50/50 provides the solution, as the addition of mymom® 50/50 significantly changes the fat-protein ratio, thus improving the calves’ growth and performance (milk, meat, BCS).

It contains premium raw materials treated in a special, patented manufacturing process to ensure optimum fat digestiblity. The result is a milk replacer which contains – if combined with whole milk – almost 90 % of milk components! By carefully drying the milk (72 °C/15 sec), numerous antibodies are preserved in the “mother’s milk”. Therefore, mymom® 50/50 contains a natural minimum content of immunoglobulin, thus providing an additional strong basis for an intact immune system.

Three tried and tested probiotics support the fast building of a healthy intestinal flora. The favourable fat-protein ratio ensures healthy growth, essential oils support respiratory system and intestinal health and vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium and others ensure best acceptance and solubility of this premium product.

Fit, healthy and resiliant calves are a joy to behold and essential for a successful cattle farming.


  • whey powder
  • whey protein concentrate
  • vegetable oils
  • solubilized wheat protein concentrate
  • probiotics
  • micronutrients
  • vitamins
  • essential oils


Bucket feeding

1 kg mymom® 50/50
+ 7 litres of water
+ 8 litres of whole milk
= 16 litres of drinking solution

Milk taxi

1 kg mymom® 50/50
+ 7 litres of water
+ 8 litres of whole milk
= 16 litres of drinking solution

Storage / shelf life

  • store in a cool and dry place
  • reseal bags as airtight as possible after opening
  • shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture


25 kg bag

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