jbs prestarter

supplementary feed for suckling piglets

At a glance

  • easily digestible grain and protein components
  • digestion-enhancing pro- and prebiotics
  • mycotoxin-binding bentonite (aflatoxin B1)
  • high energy content
  • readily available micronutrients and vitamins
  • highly palatable
  • should be offered as mash in the first few days

Product description

jbs prestarter: release of zinc ions in the intestine

jbs prestarter is well suited to accustom suckling piglets to solid feed. The product provides a good mixture of broken-down grain (like oat flakes – which have a positive dietary effect) and easily digestible protein. In order to ensure the best possible healthy growth in piglets, the product contains a specially treated source of zinc, which releases a maximum amount of free zinc ions into the intestine. Zinc ions prevent bacteria like E. coli from affixing themselves to the intestinal wall.

The product contains mycotoxin-binding bentonite, which binds harmful microorganisms. Additional probiotics also inhibit harmful microorganisms. The combination of all these components optimizes bowel function and prevents indigestion, while at the same time improving the piglets' immunity. Immunoglobulin and linseed also have positive effects on building up immunity.

Usage / application

jbs ferkelschale for feeding jbs prestarter

jbs prestarter should be fed ad libitum from the second or third day up to a week after weaning. May also be fed mixed as mash.


  • highly efficient prebiotics
  • mycotoxin-binding bentonite (aflatoxin B1)
  • MiaTrace Zn
  • oat flakes, wheat flour
  • protein concentrate, soy meal, potato protein
  • dextrose
  • linseed
  • acid mixture
  • NSP-degrading enzymes
  • immunoglobulin
  • vitamins & micronutrients

Storage and shelf life

  • shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in a cool and dry place
  • close bag as airtight as possible
    after opening


jbs prestarter: bag

20 kg bag

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