jbs ferkelpuder

drying agent for piglets, provides dry, hygienic conditions, eco-friendly

At a glance

  • very high water-holding capacity
  • ensures rapid drying of piglets
  • improves hygienic conditions
  • provides dry and slip-resistant barn environment
  • eudermic
  • improves barn air
  • low-dust

Product description

The excellent moisture-binding capacities of jbs ferkelpuder ensure that the piglets will dry off rapidly, thus reducing temperature losses. Additional spreading of jbs ferkelpuder in the piglet nests and the remaining farrowing crates creates a dry and therefore slip-resistant environment.

jbs ferkelpuder combines mineral substances and essential oils. It is a fine powder which is very easy on the skin.

Usage / application

jbs ferkelpuder may be spread manually. It contains natural raw materials and is therefore eco-friendly. Its essential oils ensure a pleasant smell, noticeably improving odour conditions in the barn.


  • natural mineral substances
  • essential oils

Storage and shelf life

  • shelf life of 12 months if stored in a cool and dry place
  • close bag as airtight as possible after opening
  • do not store in moist places or close to water sources


jbs ferkelpuder: bag

20 kg bag

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