jbs ferkelpaste® feimuvit

probiotic pastes for primary (contains iron & immunoglobulins)

At a glance

  • contains two highly effective probiotics
  • supports the intestinal flora
  • easy to apply

Product description

Lactic acid bacteria of the species Enterococcus faecium are part of a healthy intestinal flora and promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. In addition, they restore intestinal health and strengthen the immune system. jbs ferkelpaste® imuvit further contains BioPlus 2B®, probiotics, which improve feed conversion and provide the piglets with optimum intestinal protection.

The different types of jbs ferkelpaste® are designed to address two different aspects of piglet health: Firstly, jbs ferkelpaste® imuvit contains immunoglobulin (IBR-free), which is indispensable for a good start into a piglet’s life. Combined with additional vitamins, this paste also supports the good recovery of the intestinal flora in stressful situations and during medical treatment.

The second aspect is covered by jbs ferkelpaste® fe, which provides the piglets with a sufficient amount of iron and additionally contains valuable vitamins. This paste compensates for any iron deficiency in piglets.


jbs ferkelpaste® is ready for use. One push applies 2 ml, corresponding to a daily dose. To apply paste, insert mouthpiece carefully onto the root of the piglet’s tongue, as far downwards as possible.
jbs ferkelpaste® imuvit:
Apply directly after farrowing; repeat if required in stressful situations or to support weaker piglets.
jbs ferkelpaste® fe:
Apply between 2nd and 3rd day of life; repeat on the 6th day of life.

  fe imuvit
Composition probiotic
Enterococcus faecium & Bioplus 2B® 
iron (II)-fumerate
vitamins A, D3, E
Enterococcus faecium & BioPlus 2B®
vitamins A, D, E, B, C
Advantages of
respective type of jbs ferkelpaste®
increases haematosis
  • immunoglobulin derived from IBR free-colostrum
  • bridges the piglet's immunity gap
  • supports the piglet in building its own immune system
protects from anaemia
comparable to iron injection
shared by
both types of
jbs ferkelpaste®
digestive tract is colonized with natural, favourable lactic acid bacteria and spore-forming microorganisms
regenerates the intestinal microflora after medical treatment or in stressful situations
contains pathogen free colostrum

Storage and shelf life

  • keep refrigerated
  • shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture
  • clean mouthpiece after use or use a new one
  • close dispenser after use


jbs ferkelpaste fe + imuvit: dispensers

3 dispensers of 150 ml each per box

jbs ferkelpaste® fe – feeding trial

A feeding trial was conduced as part of a bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf studying the iron supply of suckling piglets. Over the course of this trial, iron supplementation by injection versus the oral administration of jbs ferkelpaste® fe were studied.

In this trial, a control group and two trial groups were supplied with iron. The control group was injected with 1 ml of iron dextran on their second day of life, trial group 1 was supplied with the standard dose (1 push of the dispenser) of jbs ferkelpaste® fe on their second day of life and the second trial group was supplied with the standard dose of jbs ferkelpaste® fe on both their second and sixth day of life respectively.

Iron levels in piglets

jbs ferkelpaste fe: average iron level

The average iron level in the blood of piglets should be between 16.7 – 35.3 µmol/l. The adjoining chart shows the average iron level of the respective groups.

This chart shows that the control group and trial group 2 have been supplied with a sufficient amount of iron.

jbs ferkelpaste fe: daily weight gain

During the feeding experiment, the piglets in test group 2 demonstrated the highest daily weight gain.

jbs ferkelpaste fe: birth weight

The chart shows the initial weight of the respective groups. Birth weight was highest in the control group and lowest in trial group 2.

jbs ferkelpaste fe: weight at weaning

This chart shows the average weight at weaning of the respective groups.

Trial group 2 shows the highest weight at weaning. Bearing in mind that these piglets started into the trial with the lowest birth weight, this chart illustrates that trial group 2 had the best development of all groups in the trial.


Double administration of iron was beneficial in many respects. Not only did the piglets receive a sufficient amount of iron, the double administration also resulted in excellent growth despite a low birth weight.

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