jbs einstreu GM

bedding additive – suitable for use in organic farming!

At a glance

  • ingredient: diatomaceous earth
  • excellent water absorption
  • slip resistant
  • eudermic due to finest graining
  • binds ammonia
  • suppresses growth of flies and other insects 
  • revaluates manure and soil
  • FIBL-listed: May be used in organic farming

Bedding additive – improves hygiene in the barn!

Barn hygiene is one of the key influences on farm animal‘s health and performance. In order to support them as well as possible, a sound hygiene management needs to be implemented in the barn.

In dairy farming, cubicles, calving pens and calf pens all need special observation.

In these areas, an additional application of jbs einstreu GM makes sense to create a dry environment and reduce the germ count. This is especially useful in all areas used for calving or young calves, as it helps protect the immune system, thus ensuring an excellent start into a cow’s new lactation and a calf’s successful life.

In pig farming, jbs einstreu GM ensures that the piglets dry rapidly. Spreading a bedding powder in the piglet pen and around the sow helps to protect immunocompromised piglets from pathogens.

jbs einstreu GM: effects: anti-slip properties, binding of ammonia, water absorption, inhibition of insect growth

jbs einstreu GM improves the hygiene in many areas of the barn. The reduction of germs and improvement of the barn environment provides the best conditions for all barn animals to fully develop their potential.

Natural material for healthy animals

jbs einstreu GM does not consist of calcium carbonate. It is extracted and processed from naturally occurring minerals. The physical properties of these biological resources ensure a safe binding of water and ammonia. The raw materials are eudermic thus ensuring that jbs einstreu GM is pleasant and easy on the skin for both animals and humans.

Benefits beyond the barn

jbs einstreu GM reduces odour development in the barn by binding ammonia. In addition, it binds nutrients in the manure, thus reducing nitrogen loss from the the manure and influencing plant growth in a positive way.

... easy on skin and equipment!

Areas of application ...

... are all types of cubicles. Furthermore, we recommend using it in calf pens and farrowing crates as well as piglet pens, in poultry farming and horse breeding. In fact, anywhere in the barn where a reduction in germs is beneficial.

We recommend using jbs einstreu GM in the calving pen, the cows‘ lying areas as well as in calf pens. As moisture is bound, the animals‘ environment becomes drier. This helps reduce pathogenic germs thus improving the cows’ and calves’ protection against diseases. We recommend renewing the bedding on a regular basis.

jbs einstreu GM may also be used in pig farming. As for the farrowing area, we recommend using it in the piglet pens as well as spreading it around the nesting sow. jbs einstreu GM desiccates the environment and is slip resistant. The binding of ammonia significantly improves the barn climate for both animals and humans.

In poultry farming: Cover the floor in a 1 cm thick layer (approx. 3 kg/m²) before bringing the birds in.

In horse breeding: spread jbs einstreu GM underneath the straw after cleaning the stable. The boxes will get drier.

jbs einstreu GM is non toxic, and any possible ingestion will not harm animals, or people. However, as dust may occur, we recommend using dust masks when spreading the bedding.

Ideal for

  • calves on straw
  • dairy cow cubicles with bedding (straw / saw dust)
  • dairy cow cubicles, rubber mats only (without bedding)
  • dairy cow cubicles, rubber mats (with bedding straw / saw dust)
  • dairy cow deep boxes / deep straw
  • tie stall barns
  • piglet nests and farrowing crates
  • piglet raising on straw
  • pig fattening / pig farming without straw
  • pig rearing on straw
  • poultry fattening / poultry farming

Application rate

100 g/m²

Usage recommendations

Use from 3 times a week to daily – according to need.

Storage and shelf life

  • store in a dry place
  • seal bags well after opening


jbs einstreu GM: bedding powder

25 kg

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