jbs barriereschutz

oxygen barrier protection

At a glance

  • opaque protective fabric
  • completely seamed
  • UV-resistance: at least 5 years
  • also be used to cover straw bales (protects from rain and bird droppings)


  • always 5.2 m in length x width of the silo
  • widths from 6 - 10 m available in 1 m increments
  • widths from 10 - 26 m available in 2 m increments (even numbers)


When covering the silo, make sure that the 5.2 m lengths of fabric overlap approx. 20 cm and use our barrier protection belts – jbs barriereschlauch – or silage gravel bags to secure overlapping. When opening the silo, either fold the fabric in two steps of 2.5 m each or uncover 5.2 m in one work step. Store fabric carefully

Advantages of 5.2 m lengths

  • You don’t have to laboriously unfurl or pull along the protective fabric on top of the silo
  • Easy application and rapid demounting increase life expectancy!

Please note:
jbs barriereschutz may also be used to cover straw bales.
Keeps off rain, protects from bird droppings.

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