premium silage film

At a glance

  • green / black
  • thickness: 115 μ
  • three-layer PE film
  • highly flexible, saves materials
  • guaranteed UV resistance: 12 months (both sides)

The combination of robust top sheet and adaptable cling film is highly reliable when it comes to protecting your silage!

Short or long – we provide the right size for each silo!

Even if your silos vary in their lengths – for example: 70 m + 35 m + 45 m = 150 m

50 X X X X X X X
150   X X X X X X
300   X X X X X X

Other sizes on request – do not hesitate to contact us!

Optimum protection

For optimum protection we recommend additional coverage with harvest INTERNATIONAL® siloschutzgitter – silage protection nets as well as using harvest INTERNATIONAL® silosack – silage gravel bags.

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