silage additive – area of focus: stability

At a glance

  • DLG category 2, improves the aerobic stability
  • increases contents of both lactic and acetic acid
  • efficient fermentation
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • suitable for grass, maize and whole plant silages from 30 % DM
  • 100 g treat 100 tonnes of forage or 500 g treat 500 tonnes of forage
DLG category 2


  • category 2 – improvement of aerobic stability

harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus
area of focus: stability

harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus is the product for the improvement of stability after opening.

Aerobic stability

harvest international plus: increase in stability

In addition to the reduced DM losses and a significant production of lactic acid, the buchneri strain in harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus is able to document a reliable improvement in the stability after opening. Once the silage is exposed to air, it remains an average 2.6 times longer stable than untreated silages.

As for harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus, the improved stability does not come at the expense of an increase in DM resp. nutrient losses.

Usage recommendations

  • grass, maize and WPS, DM: 30 - 50 %

Silages with high DM contents and inadequate compression as well as an inadequate filling have a tendency to mould. After opening, make sure to secure the cutting surface from penetration of air – e. g. by installing a silage gravel bag air barrier. Maintain a feeding rate of at least 1.5 m in winter and 2.5 m in summer.
Application: Apply 1 g of harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus per tonne of forage

Usage instructions

Dissolve the freeze-dried powder in a sufficient amount of water and apply evenly over the forage using the suitable amount of water for your applicator.
The mixed solution should be used up within 48 hours.

Storage and shelf life

From date of manufacture, harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus has a shelf life of 24 months if frozen, 18 months if stored at a temperature of +4 °C and 12 months if stored at +20 °C.

harvest international plus: pouch


One pouch of 100 g treats 100 t of forage.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage additives overview

Recommendation of usage harvest INTERNATIONAL®
grass: < 30 % DM, dirt X    
grass: > 30 % DM, forage rye   X  
grass: > 30 % with a lot of sugar   X (X)
corn: < 35 % DM   X (X)
corn: > 35 % DM   (X) X
whole crop cereal silage   X  
lucerne X    

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