silage additive – area of focus: fermentation

At a glance

  • DLG category 1, improves the fermentation
  • DLG category 4, improves feed value and performance
  • fast and efficient pH reduction
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • increases digestibility and feed intake
  • suitable for all types of forages
  • 75 g treat 50 tonnes of forage or 450 g treat 300 tonnes of forage
DLG categories 1b, 4a, 4b, 4c


  • 1b – improves the fermentation of moderately difficult to ensile forage
  • 4a – improves feed intake
  • 4b – improves the animals’ performance
  • 4c – improves the milk yield


area of focus: fermentation

harvest international pH: pH, days of fermentation
  • dominant, homofermentative lactic acid bacteria
  • fast production of lactic acid in order to rapidly lower the pH
  • low sugar consumption, preserves nutrients
  • better digestibility of organic substances
  • high palatability, improves feed intake

Usage recommendations

  • wet grass silages
  • protein plants (clover, lucerne)
  • late cuts of grass in autumn (low sugar)

Application: Apply harvest INTERNATIONAL® pH with 1.5 g per tonne of forage.

Usage instructions

Dissolve the freeze-dried powder in a sufficient amount of water and apply evenly over the forage using the suitable amount of water for your applicator.
The mixed solution should be used up within 48 hours.

Storage and shelf life

From date of manufacture, harvest INTERNATIONAL® pH has a shelf life of 24 months if frozen, 18 months if stored at a temperature of +4 °C and 12 months if stored at +20 °C.

harvest international pH: pouch


One pouch of 75 g treats 50 tonnes of forage.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage additives overview

Recommendation of usage harvest INTERNATIONAL®
grass: < 30 % DM, dirt X    
grass: > 30 % DM, forage rye   X  
grass: > 30 % with a lot of sugar   X (X)
corn: < 35 % DM   X (X)
corn: > 35 % DM   (X) X
whole crop cereal silage   X  
lucerne X    

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