silage additive – fermentation and stability after opening

At a glance

  • fast and efficient pH reduction
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • increases contents of both lactic and acetic acid
  • extended aerobe stability
  • suitable for grass, grass-clover, corn and GPS from 30 % DM
  • 150 g treat 100 tonnes of forage
  • listed as suitable for organic farming in Germany on the list of operating resources published by FiBL (= Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Germany)
Listed as suitable for organic farming in Germany on the list of operating resources published by FiBL (= Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Germany)

harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo
fermentation and stability after opening

harvest international duo: pH grass silage

harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo is a combination of a homofermentative strain with a tried and tested L. buchneri. This accelerates the lowering of the pH and improves at the same time the stability of the silage. As soon as oxygen is available and the silage warms up, important nutritions vanish because of the yeast’s increasing activity.

A secure lowering of the pH is required for the possibility of letting the acetic acid, produced by the L. buchneri, fully develop its yeast and fungus inhibiting effect.

A special Lactobacillus buchneri

Lactobacillus buchneri is mainly used to improve the stability. Life in a family of bacteria is not unlike real life, as can be seen by the results of trials conducted with various strains of buchneri. Even though Paul and Henry Smith belong to the same family, Paul might be great in math while Henry is only average.

And characteristics of the different strains of buchneri differ just as widely. – The following chart illustrates the trial data of four strains of buchneri as published in EFSA* journal.

Dry matter losses

harvest international duo: dry matter gain

It is common knowledge that dry matter losses with Lactobacillus buchneri are higher than the ones occurring in untreated silages. The strain of Lactobacillus buchneri used in harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo and plus, however, is atypical as it significantly reduces dry matter losses. Compared to untreated silages, this efficient fermentation saves more nutrients.

*EFSA = European Food Safety Authority

harvest international duo: stock of yeasts and fungus

Stability after opening

Through using harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo, the stock of yeast and fungus in the silage decreases immensely.

harvest international duo: stability under air ingress

Consequently, the stability after opening enhances.

Usage recommendations

  • grass silages and grass/clover mixtures > 30 % DM
  • whole plant silages (WPS) from 30 % DM
  • maize silages

harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo can be used for ecological and organic farming.
Dosage: 1.5 g per t

Usage instructions

Dissolve the freeze-dried powder in a sufficient amount of water and apply evenly over the forage using the suitable amount of water for your applicator.
The mixed solution should be used up within 48 hours.

Storage and shelf life

3 months at +20 °C, 12 months at +4 °C and 18 months at -18 °C

harvest international duo: pouch


One pouch of 150 g treats 100 t of forage.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage additives overview

Recommendation of usage harvest INTERNATIONAL®
grass: < 30 % DM, dirt X    
grass: > 30 % DM, forage rye   X  
grass: > 30 % with a lot of sugar   X (X)
corn: < 35 % DM   X (X)
corn: > 35 % DM   (X) X
whole crop cereal silage   X  
lucerne X    

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