At a glance

  • real runnage guaranteed
  • highest efficiency
  • can be stocked for a significantly longer period of time
  • guaranteed UV-resistance: 12 months
  • right of return in case of technical malfunction

For many years, jbs has been continuously successful in distributing DUO PLAST stretch film.

DUO PLAST stretch film continues to be the only agricultural stretch film which is manufactured completely without adhesive using a state-of-the-art blow extrusion process which makes it 100 % food safe!

750 x 1500 m X X X X
500 x 1800 m X X X X

Other sizes available on request

Technical specifications

  • width: 750 mm (manufactured according to DIN 14 932)
    length: 1500 m (real runnage guaranteed)
    thickness: 25 μ (manufactured according to ProStretch Nenndicke ISO 4591)
    roll weight (core and foil): 27,28 kg +0/-5 %

  • width: 500 mm (manufactured according to DIN 14 932)
    length: 1800 m (real runnage guaranteed)
    thickness: 25 μ (manufactured according to ProStretch Nenndicke ISO 4591)
    roll weight (core and foil): 21,60 kg +0/-5 %

This film can provide you with a lot more performance and safety. Why is that?

  • real runnage guaranteed! Depending on the competitor´s product, this alone will get you up to one more wrapped bale per role of film!
  • highest efficiency – may be pre-stretched to up to 80 %
  • smooth (non-adhesive) on the outside

Advantages of DUO PLUS

  • ensures low noise wrapping – even if you are working late or close to residential areas!
  • film does not telescope on the core!
  • if stored correctly, the bales can be stocked for a significantly longer period of time, as the film is manufactured without adhesive.
  • film is wrapped onto cardboard cores, which are sealed on both sides to protect them from getting wet; this core is both easy on the environment and easy to dispose of!
  • no contamination of pre-stretch unit!
  • bales are wrapped 100 % food safe!

In addition, this film shows all the quality characteristics of a premium product

  • guaranteed UV-resistance: 12 months
  • coveringly dyed
  • can be delivered at short notice during harvest time.
  • huge range of widths, colours and running lengths available!
  • ideally suited for wrapping square and round bales due to its special manufacturing process and the unique formulation!

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