At a glance

  • real runnage guaranteed
  • length: 1650 m / width: 75 cm
  • ensures full pre-stretching options
  • manufactured without adhesives – food safe!
  • guaranteed UV-resistance: 12 months
  • right of return in case of technical malfunction

DUO PLUS XL – the next generation of agricultural stretch film

Distinguished mechanical properties in all harvesting conditions

Technical specifications

  • colour: green
  • width: 750 mm (manufactured according to DIN 14 932)
  • length: 1650 m (real runnage guaranteed)
  • thickness: 22 μ (manufactured according to ProStretch, Nenndicke ISO 4591)

More sizes and colours are available on request!

Real runnage guaranteed!

  • provides at least the runnage stated on the packaging
  • shortens the setup time, thus increasing the productivity!

Not pre-stretched during manufacture!

  • thus fully retaining the increased pre-stretching options customary for DUO PLAST films.
  • may be pre-stretched to up to 80 %!


  • no adhesive residues on pre-stretch unit or bales!
  • thanks to their smooth exterior, the bales are instantly ready for transport!

Advantages of DUO PLUS XL:

  • coveringly dyed
  • if stored correctly, the bales can be stocked for a significantly longer period of time, as the film is manufactured without adhesive
  • 12 months UV-resistant – guaranteed!
  • ensures low noise wrapping – even if you are working late or close to residential areas
  • smooth (non-adhesive) on the outside
  • film does not telescope on the core!
  • film is wrapped onto cardboard cores, which are sealed on both sides to protect them from getting wet; this core is both easy on the environment and easy to dispose of!
  • can be delivered at short notice during harvesting season

Perfectly suited for all types of machinery!

For round or square bales, stand-alone machines or combinations, Göweil or Autowrap ...

XL – provides extra runnage, 10 % more film per roll !

We recommend wrapping 6 layers in order to increase quality, safety and profit!

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