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The first few weeks – during the milk phase – are a most important stage in calf rearing. Practical experience has shown how important good feeding and rearing management is for the "little ones", as this sets their course for growing into healthy, high-performing dairy cows or bulls. We offer our customers a complete assortment of products from calving to weaning. These innovative products are the result of our cooperation with our partner for dairy-based products, as well as of jbs's in-house product development.

mymom® start

calf paste for primary care

  • immunoglobulins derived from IBR free colostrum
  • contains highly effective probiotics
  • supports digestion
  • bridges the calf’s immunity gap
  • contains readily available micronutrients
  • contains essential vitamins

mymom® profimix

supplement drink (dissolve in water or milk)

  • contains highly effective probiotics
  • contains mucilaginous ingredients which have positive effects in the intestines
  • readily available energy
  • excellent absorption / acceptance
  • readily soluble in water and milk

mymom® protect

paste stabilizing the digestion

  • practical to use
  • 1 - 2 applications per calf
  • immediate effects
  • supports the intestinal health
  • normalizes inadequate faeces consistency and ensures milk intake

mymom® pur

premium milk replacer

As calves are the future dairy cows ...

  • carefully manufacturered whey powder – special drying and spray cooling processes of the raw materials preserve immunoglobulin
  • excellent solubility
  • high acceptance
  • also available as mymom® pur 55 containing 55 % of skimmed milk powder

mymom® 50/50

milk replacer as a supplement to whole milk

As milk varies in its composition …

  • carefully manufacturered whey powder – special drying and spray cooling processes of the raw materials preserve immunoglobulin
  • excellent solubility
  • high acceptance

mymom® müsli plus

cereal for calves

  • high energy feed
  • easily digestible protein sources
  • excellent feed intake
  • provides an excellent supply of vitamins and trace elements

Customers’ opinions

mymom® start + mymom® profimix – six calves

One of our customers used to have problems with diarrhoea in her calves, always from the 4th day on. If diarrhoea occurs in such an early stage, it is in most cases caused by E. coli. Our customer bought a six-pack of mymom® start and treated the next calves with this paste on the day of their birth and on the following day. All six calves were very fit and full of vitality. Slightest problems did occur in a much weaker form – those, however, could easily be handled by administring mymom® profimix, a supplement drink. With a little more care in colostrum-feeding, the last small problems will most likely vanish and the calves will have a perfect start in life.

mymom® profimixmymom® start – feeding trial

There are many possible reasons why calves suffer from diarrhoea early in life. One of them is a pathogen called Cryptosporidium. On one of our trial farms, this pathogen caused an increased occurrence of diarrhoea; 20 % of the calves died. As the calves on this farm are reared to restock the herd, such frequent sickness and loss of calves was especially troublesome. Preventive measures used consisted of using Halocur® and a suitable antibiotic along with infusions in case of emergencies.
Due to the positive feedback we had received from customers on mymom® profimix, we instigated a trial aimed to take a closer look at the prophylactic use of a combination of mymom® start and mymom® profimix. 24 calves participated in this trial. Before the trial, faecal samples were taken from several calves, one of which was positive for Cryptosporidium. The calves were given a dose of mymom® start directly after colostrum-feeding, which was repeated the next day. From the third day on, a daily dose of mymom® profimix was added to their milk ration. mymom® profimix was administered up until the 10th day of life when the calves were switched to milk replacer.


The combination of mymom® start and mymom® profimix had positive effects on the calves‘ health. All 24 calves in the trial have developed well, there were no losses. Both products were easily incorporated into the daily routine and were fed without any problems - not least due to the tasty vanilla flavour. There were isolated cases of diarrhoea, in which case the affected calves continued to be fed with mymom® profimix and received a one-time treatment with antibiotics. The calves continued to drink well during that time resulting in a fast recovery. Halocur® was not used over the course of this trial. 
The farm manager‘s time was saved, and workload reduced, as the calves required less treatment. This farm is still using mymom® start and mymom® profimix, as not only are the calves a lot fitter, but the farm manager was finally able to take sundays off again!

mymom® protect + mymom® profimix – bull calf

One farmer tested our new paste mymom® protect in an urgent case: He discovered a 4 days old bull calf with very runny faeces. Just one administration of mymom® protect was sufficient to straighten this little bull out; it drank 2 litres of water mixed with mymom® profimix as well as its next drink of milk. Calves accept mymom® profimix readily, even if they will reject the milk. Faeces consistency improved, the calf recovered. In this case, a second possible administration of mymom® protect paste wasn‘t even necessary. The calf required no tedious treatment, no keeping records of any medication and only minimum extra efforts were required – which was a crucial factor for the manager of this herd of just over 300 dairy cows.

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